Would you like to use photography to tell a story or help a cause? Have you got a pet project that you’d like to make happen? Add depth and meaning to what you shoot.

“Documentary photography” usually describes longer-term, multi-image projects that tell the story of something significant or provide a record of everyday life in a consistent and relatively true-to-life style.

“Contemporary” photography has a similar approach, but may use more stylised images, and importantly explores issues affecting society.

The course runs over 5 consecutive Thursdays from 6:30 pm–8:30 pm.

Field trip will take place on Saturday 23 May from 10am–4:30pm.

What I’ll learn

While there is no formal qualification, provided that you engage with the full course experience, you will benefit in several ways; a different appreciation for photography generally, a deeper understanding of this particular genre, practical skills to tackle a variety of projects, a number of images to add to your personal portfolio, a wider network of peers to support you in the future.

How I’ll learn

Through a combination of exploration, conversation, practical assignments and field work, this short course will help you understand the key elements of project-based, documentary or contemporary photography, develop skills to perform it well, build your confidence, and make progress in your personal projects.

Entry Requirements

Documentary/ Contemporary Photography is for anyone interested in the genre, regardless of experience.

 You will find you get more from the course if you have a digital camera with manual controls and you are already familiar with the essentials of using this.

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