• Would you like to bring some fun into your photography?
  • Discover how to create pictures that wow your friends?
  • Expand your creativity and gain confidence with your kit?

This one-day exploratorium will consist of twelve wicked stations where groups of two or three photographers will get to play with all kinds of props to take some really different images.  Earth, Air, Fire (don’t tell H&S), and Water will feature, along with some glass, steel, antiques, toys and big boots.  Help each other to take the kind of pictures that you never imagined you’d be shooting.  In the process, you will test your handling of the camera, maybe get just a little wet, and have a good laugh!  There will be a photography tutor in the background who will try to answer your questions throughout the day!
All that you will need to provide is your own “advanced digital camera” (of which you should know the basic controls), clothes that allow you to roll about a little, lots of enthusiasm, and a mind to experiment…
(*) By “advanced digital camera” we include DSLRs, mirrorless, and Bridge cameras, but not “point and shoot” ones.

More details of the Marlborough School Community Education Photography Classes can be found here: https://www.marlborough.oxon.sch.uk/4788/photography

The booking/enrolment details are here: https://www.marlborough.oxon.sch.uk/733/enrolment-and-booking