The course is for anyone who has a reasonable amount of skill with a DSLR and would like the opportunity to produce a body of work on a single topic to take part in a group exhibition.

On the course you will be guided and supported to choose a subject and then to build up a credible body of work consisting of a series of high-quality photographs. The idea is for you to build up your projects on a week by week basis and to receive constructive criticism from the other members of the class.

Photos will be judged both on individual merit and compatibility with previous photos to form a carefully edited body of work. This will consist of a smaller number of photos for enlargement and framing, and a larger number which will be used to create a book containing text. You will thus gain experience of creating a body of work for exhibition, setting up and hanging an exhibition, preparing publicity, hosting a private view event and creating an online book.

You will be expected to pay for your own printing and framing, although this can be kept to a minimum. It is often possible to find some very good deals online.

Please note there will be no teaching sessions on 26/05/2020

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