If you are wondering about photography over the holiday season, here’s a few ideas for some festive shots!

  • Don’t forget to take some posed portraits of family members – especially the older ones – and do direct them – classic poses work well – older couples looking into one another’s eyes beside the mantlepiece etc.
  • Unwrapping presents is a great time to capture candids. (As is eating dinner though they may appreciate these even less!)
  • Try to make your selfies a bit more creative – using other people as props, showing off your/their hard work in the kitchen/cellar/garage – eating the mince pies and carrots that were meant for the reindeer.
  • Turn on the tree lights, turn up your ISO (or set it to Auto-ISO), play with the rest of the lights and then deliberately under-expose (the exposure compensation dial -2) to create some really atmospheric living room shots. Add family members adjusting elements…
  • In the evening, nip out for a bit of fresh air with your tripod and camera (take the family too – it’s good fun) and document the neighbours’ light spectacles. A slowish shutter speed will capture all the bulbs even when they are “in motion”.
  • Go in close for detail shots – tree decorations, individual Brussels Sprouts, the bows on presents, Uncle Sid snoring, etc.
  • Have a small table set up with a light or two to the side, between the kitchen and the dining table, and grab a shot or three of the individual serving dishes en route for the dining table.