Perhaps you’d like to bring back more than just memories from your holidays…To present the essence of your destination in ways that inspire others…
Explore places with a very different perspective.

“Each place we visit has its own particular look, character, and ambience. If we want photographs of our travels to be good and lasting, they should capture all of these qualities, and say as much about a place as give the literal look of it.”

Robert Caputo, National Geographic

The course runs over five consecutive Thursdays from 6:30–8:30pm.

Field trip will take place on Saturday 21 March from 10am–4:30pm.

You can develop your interest in photography further through a range of creative and practical photography courses at Banbury and Bicester College. Browse the full list to get inspired.

What I’ll learn

While there is no formal qualification, provided that you engage with the full course experience, you will benefit in several ways; a different appreciation for photography generally, a deeper understanding of this particular genre, practical skills to tackle a variety of projects, a number of images to add to your personal portfolio, a wider network of peers to support you in the future.

How I’ll learn

Through a combination of exploration, conversation, practical assignments and field work, this short course will help you understand the key elements of travel photography, develop skills to perform it well, build your confidence, and refine your personal style.

Format: The course consists of four 2hr evening classes, followed by one Saturday field-trip of 6.5 hours, and then one further evening class.

How I’ll be assessed

There are no formal assessments for this course.

Entry Requirements

Travel Photography is for anyone interested in the genre, regardless of experience.  

You will find you get more from the course if you have a digital camera with manual controls and you are already familiar with the essentials of using this.

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