A positive, non-cognitive, psychological trait based on an individual’s passion for a particular long-term goal, and their powerful motivation to achieve it.

This “perseverance” is the driving force that allows them to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Commonly associated concepts within the field of psychology include “hardiness”, “resilience”, “ambition”, “need for achievement” and “conscientiousness”.

In this context, “grit” is an individual quality that is distinct from “talent” or “ability”.
In modern psychology, it was William James (1907) who recognised the above-average accomplishments of people with ‘grit’. However, the concept dates back at least as far as Galton, and the ideals of persistence and tenacity have been seen as a virtue since Aristotle.

How people demonstrate ‘grit’ will vary enormously. For some it is months of preparation, for others an attempt at isolating themselves in preparation, some will use displacement behaviours to prevent other people from disturbing them mentally, a few will concentrate intently or grimmace with pain.

This project

This was the first ongoing ‘project’ that I have developed intentionally other than as a course assignment, it aims to build up a collection of 50 images that portray the quality of “grit” in the expressions of a wide range of people and activities. The content of the portfolio will change with time as the selection of images slowly improves.