Welcome to my project space.  This site is a portal to various (mainly unfinished or ‘pilot’ documentary) photography projects. In the main, I am attempting to explore the use of photography to achieve social change (photographic activism), especially among communities.  This overlaps with humanitarian photography and that involving animal welfare and the environment.

However, my interests also include various psychological themes.

If you are interested in my future projects, or have an idea that you would like to discuss, please click here.

I particularly enjoy teaching, and run courses on aspects of both photography and the themes with which I am concerned. These are usually through third parties, such as the University of Oxford.

Chronological Posts


The following courses are planned, usually through other organisations, as I prefer to focus on facilitating a good event rather than selling spaces. Please follow the individual links to discover more and book a place. I am always happy to run courses in general, documentary and street photography; let me know if you’d like me …