Oxford University Rowing Clubs – Torpids – Street Photography

Rescheduled by OURC to Friday, 13 March 2020 from 12:30-16:30

Meet @ The Head of the River (Oxford, Oxfordshire), Folly Bridge, St. Aldates, OX1 4LB Oxford, Oxfordshire

The Torpids are an exciting series of bumping rowing races held each winter on the river Thames between Donnington Bridge (nearest the start) and Folly Bridge (nearest the finish), a distance of 1800 meters. Teams of eights compete over four days. We will meet on the ramp outside the Head of the River Pub, then wander along the South and North Banks, capturing the action, desperation, and celebration of each race, as well as the muffled, padded, behatted and beverage slurping antics of the spectators. The towpath is well made, so regular shoes will probably be fine, though you will be glad to wrap up warmly! This is not a “led” trip but Graham Wilson will be on hand to help if he can – if we have left the pub, you will be able to spot him in his distinctive red bobble-less bobble hat! [In association with the RPS Documentary Group – TV Region]

Portrait Photography – Banbury (Nov 2019)

Short course in portrait photography which I was asked to run for Activate Learning in Banbury at very short notice.

  • Wk 1 – Single light source – candles/desklamps in the studio
  • Wk 2 – Flash/speedlights – in the studio
  • Wk 3 – Environmental portraits – in the pottery
  • Wk 4 – Studio strobes – with Tara and Amiya models – in the studio

Digital DSLR Photography – Stage 5 (The use of light) (Jan 2020)

A digital photography course which centres on the range of lighting sources used in photography. This course follows on from Stage 4 but can also stand alone.

This course will concentrate on photography’s relationship with light. You will learn about different types of natural light, as well as using flash guns and constant sources of light. As with Stage 4, the course will be studying the work of a range of photographers, using their lighting techniques to inspire new work. You will build up a portfolio of work.

Please note there will be no teaching sessions on 18/02/2020

Further information and booking: https://www.abingdon-witney.ac.uk/courses/digital-dslr-photography-stage-5-38852

Street Photography – Woodstock (Nov 2019)

Street Photography [S] [13+]
Saturday 16 November
09:30-16:00, £45
Tutor: Graham Wilson

“Well planned and paced day.”

Whether you want to document your own town or village, improve your travel photography, have new ideas for your family album, or you are a fan of the fast-growing art of street photography and want to try your hand at it, this whole day workshop will open your eyes to new possibilities all around you.

Street photography ranges from its purest form of candid images of people in their environment, through more formal but ad hoc portraits, capturing the details of a place that make it more memorable, to some aspects of architectural and landscape photography.

The group will spend most of the day walking around Woodstock (whatever the weather!), tackling a number of straightforward but informative tasks, reconvening for a chance to share experiences, short ‘tutorials’, and briefing for the next activity.  The tutor will help you refine your images over the day, but also be on hand to help answer more general technical questions.

You will need to bring your own advanced digital camera (e.g. DSLRs, mirrorless, and Bridge cameras) and be reasonably familiar with using it as the emphasis will be on taking photos rather than instruction in camera controls. The workshop is not suitable for ‘point and shoot’ digital cameras or mobile devices.

Please be aware that you will be walking around Woodstock, and that the workshop will go ahead whatever the weather, so please dress appropriately. You will also need to provide your own refreshments (or buy them locally) during the day.

More details of the Marlborough School Community Education Photography Classes can be found here: https://www.marlborough.oxon.sch.uk/4788/photography

The booking/enrolment details are here: https://www.marlborough.oxon.sch.uk/733/enrolment-and-booking

Digital Street Photography – Beginners – Oxford – Jun 2019

Reluctant tourist

Course resources

The selection of well-regarded street photographers

The Lens Culture Street Photography award winners

A few of my pictures…

Original Rubric

Would you like to be able to capture more interesting images of places around you? Have you heard of the recent craze for “Street Photography” and wondered what it is all about? THIS Sunday, I shall be leading a one-day course for Oxfordshire Adult Learning (part of Abingdon & Witney College) in the centre of Oxford. There’s room for a couple more people if you get your application in quickly!